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germanforrunway back-in-action

It has been 3 years since the last time I blogged. Well, it was first laziness that took the better part of me and then I was overwhelmed by my new mommy status. Recently, I got to know a new … Continue reading

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German medical terms

Our thumbs help us in everyday tasks like brushing teeth, showering, washing hair, writing, turning the doorknob, gripping and the list goes on. I didn’t realise how absolutely important my right thumb has been aiding me daily until I lost this little friend to one careless moment at the … Continue reading

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Learning german dialekt begins with Kölsches Grundgesetz

Cologne skyline This post is dedicated to my husband, our friends and family living in or not so far away from Cologne. Besides the Carneval, the annual merry-making drink till you drop carnival party, that takes the nation and Cologne … Continue reading

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funnier than Big Bang Theory…start learning german

Germans are some of the most humourous folks on earth. Forget all the misperception you have about serious-looking, prudish germans (ok, some of them can really spoil your day sometimes), the modern ones or the current generations bring more laughs to … Continue reading

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Germans love their sweets too!

Germany is not alone famous for its pork-knuckel or Schweinshaxe but its cakes like the black forest cake or Schwarzwildekirschtorte is just as popularized today. I have been fascinated with german cakes, cookies and pastries since my first black forest cake because … Continue reading

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German is sometimes like english

Leo is like the best friend of any english-speaking soul who’s learning german. It’s so handy that I use it every other day to unravel the meaning of the new german words I come across while reading the news, my … Continue reading

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Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr…a good start or slide into the New Year

Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr means literally a good slide into the New Year. New Year’s Eve in german is also Silvester. Before New Year comes, the Germans would never greet with ‘Happy New Year’. This, I realised it at a recent Silvester party. We had some … Continue reading

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