Football German vocabulary 101

With most of the punters’ favourite teams out of the game, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the German team tonight. To prep myself to watch the game with friends tonite, I’ve made a list of common German football slangs and phrases so we can all roar to the opponents “ihr könnt nach Hause fahren, ihr könnt nach Hause fahren!” Thanks to my hubby Chris and my friends Kirsten and Annika for your tips!

Eine Bude machen, Tor schießen, Einen versänken, ein lochen – to strike a goal
Schwalbe machen – to fake a foul
Ecke – corner
Flanke – Cross
Das Spiel war unentschieden – the game was a draw
Der Sieger – the winner
Der Torhüter – the goalkeeper
Der Stürmer – the striker
Rechts und LinksAußen – right and left winger
Der Verteidiger – defender
Der Schiedsrichter – referee
Schieri – short form for referee
Die Weltmeisterschaft – World Cup championship
WM – short for World Cup
Rote Karte zeigen – to flash a red card
Trikot – Jersey
Trainer – Coach
Elfmeter schießen – penalty shot “to shoot at 11 metres”
Faul – foul
Das Spiel geht in die Verlängerung – the game is extended
Kopfball – headball
Fallrückzieher – overhead kick
Wettskandal – betting scandal
Fußballwette / Football bet
An die Latte schießen –
Dribbeln – dribble
Hakentrick –
Schiebung – Used to describe a situation when the referee is unfair
Ihr könnt nach Hause fahren – you can hit the sack (shouted by fans to opponents to break their moral)
Hat Trick – hat-trick
Verlieren – to lose
siegen – to win
Abseits – offside (be it English or German, i still have issues comprehending this term)
Offensiv spielen – play offensively
Auf gehts Deutschland schieß ein Tor – chanted by fans to motivate d team shoot a goal
Die Pille, das Leder – the Football
Das Runde muss in das Eckige – literally the ball must be in the net
Klose vor noch ein Tor – chanted by the fans to motivate a specific player to shoot a goal



About germanforrunway

learning german is a love and hate learning journey. The beginning is difficult and it gets maybe tougher but definitely more lyrical as I discover the colloquial language or the slangs and in german 'Umgangssprache'. german for runways is a collection of slangs that I have learnt from the germans around me and my wonderful friend, Kirsten, is the mastermind behind the blogname. german for runways is the direct and awfully wrong translation for german for advanced level.
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