Business German / Wirtschaftsdeutsch

As one of the world’s leading economies, Germany is naturally the heart of most trading activities in Europe. It is also no surprise that this country houses some of the largest international fairs and trade shows like CeBit in Hannover. According to GNTB, “Germany is the world’s number 1 location for hosting international trade fairs.” Cologne, Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich are some of the key cities where these trade events happen.

This is why, business german or ‘Wirtschaftsdeutsch’ is handy when one travels to such events or for business in Germany. For me, business german is useful when I correspond with my colleagues in Germany. In a place where rules and etiquette play a major influence in the people’s lives, you don’t wish to commit a business faux pas by using  inappropriate language.

So here is a list of common words and phrases for ‘Business German/Wirtschaftsdeutsch’ I think will make reading business related news, business correspondence in German or making small talks at event easier.

  • die Mutterfirma/Muttergesellschaft/Stammfirma – parent company
  • die Tochterfirma/Niederlassung – subsidiary
  • die Konkurrenz – competition
  • der Wettbewerb – competition
  • der Konkurrent – competitor
  • der Umsatz – revenue
  • die Steuer – taxes
  • der Aufschwung – growth
  • der Gewinn – profits
  • der Verlust – loss
  • die Konjunktur – economic situation
  • Markt aufbauen – to build presence in a market
  • ein neues Produkt auf den Markt bringen – to launch a new product in the market
  • der Absatz steigern – to increase the volume
  • neue Auftåge bekommen – to get new contracts
  • der Handel – trade
  • handeln – trade (verb)
  • die Ausfuhr – export
  • die Einfuhr – import
  • die Ausfuhrung – execution
  • die Waren – goods
  • das Produkt – product
  • das Warenzeichen – trademark
  • die Produkte und Dienstleistungen – products and services
  • der Prospekt – brochure
  • die Broschüre – brochure
  • Kontakte knüpfen – to connect with contacts
  • das Marketinginstrument – marketing instrument
  • führend – leading e.g eine führende Position ( a leading position)
  • die Messe – fairs (Fachmessen – specialised fairs for e.g. CeBit is ‘eine Fachmesse’ for IT & telecommunications)
  • die Ausstellung – exhibition
  • der Aussteller – exhibitor
  • der Besucher – visitor (at fairs)
  • die Produktvorführung – product demonstration
  • der Einzelhåndler – retailer
  • der Großhåndler – wholesaler
  • ein umfangreiches Angebot – an extensive offering
  • der Vertreter – representative
  • ein etabliertes Unternehmen – an established company
  • der Sektor – sector
  • die Industrie – industry
  • Ansprüche der Kunden herausfinden (find out) – to find out the requirements of the customers e.g. Unser Ziel auf der Messe ist um die Ansprüche der Kunden herauszufinden.
  • die Schwellenlånder – growing markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • Markt kennenlernen – to know about the market
  • den Absatz steigern – to grow the sales volume
  • Produkt vorstellen – introduce products
  • der Vorstand – managing board
  • der Aufsichtsrat – board of directors
  • der Vorstandschef – chief executive officer
  • der Markt wachsen – to grow the market
  • die Finanzkrise – the financial crisis
  • die Beteiligung an der Messe – participation at the fair
  • detailierte Auskunfte – detailed information
  • einen Termin vereinbaren – to fix an appointment
  • die Visitenkarte – business card

About germanforrunway

learning german is a love and hate learning journey. The beginning is difficult and it gets maybe tougher but definitely more lyrical as I discover the colloquial language or the slangs and in german 'Umgangssprache'. german for runways is a collection of slangs that I have learnt from the germans around me and my wonderful friend, Kirsten, is the mastermind behind the blogname. german for runways is the direct and awfully wrong translation for german for advanced level.
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