German slangs related to drinks

A great way to start the week is to bite the bullet for the first eight hours at work and have a drink after that. At least, you have something to look forward on Monday – Afterwork drinks. That’s exactly what my friends and I did yesterday. We caught up for dinner and light casual drinking on a Monday evening. Hanging out with the Germans on a Monday evening was an extra motivation to suss out new words again and here’s what I learnt yesterday :

  • gebechert : gesoffen (present tense: saufen) guzzle Booze
  • Zeche praellen: Leave without paying
  • Dienst ist Dienst. Schnapps ist Schnapps: Work is work, schnapps is schnapps. This means that one should strike a balance between work and play.
  • die Nachteule : night owl

About germanforrunway

learning german is a love and hate learning journey. The beginning is difficult and it gets maybe tougher but definitely more lyrical as I discover the colloquial language or the slangs and in german 'Umgangssprache'. german for runways is a collection of slangs that I have learnt from the germans around me and my wonderful friend, Kirsten, is the mastermind behind the blogname. german for runways is the direct and awfully wrong translation for german for advanced level.
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