Germans love their sweets too!

Germany is not alone famous for its pork-knuckel or Schweinshaxe but its cakes like the black forest cake or Schwarzwildekirschtorte is just as popularized today. I have been fascinated with german cakes, cookies and pastries since my first black forest cake because that was simply heavenly. The fresh cream that melts in your mouth, the liquor-soaked cherries that burst as you bite into the cake and the light chocolate cake to balance the entire palate. The cake is pure divine. I think to indulge in some sweet thoughts on a Monday may be the best way to start my blog today. So you can guess that the list of words here circle around this sweet topic in one way or another, in a fun way or another:-)

Er ist eine Naschkatze und muss immer nach dem Essen einen Dessert haben.

  • die Naschkatze: someone who has a sweet tooth.
  • der Schleckermaul: someone who has a sweet tooth
  • naschen: snack. For e.g. Ich nasche sehr gerne, besonders Chips.
  • dicke Backen: chubby cheeks
  • reinschaufeln: shove the food in. For e.g. Ich habe mir das Essen reingeschaufelt.
  • reinhauen = reinschaufeln
  • abschiessen: shoot down usually with alcohol, e.g. wir haben uns mit dem Wein am Pool abgeschossen.
  • abhängen: hang around, hang out somewhere. Wollen wir uns bei Cafe Z treffen und zusammen abhängen?
  • herumlungern = abhängen. Am Sonntag haben wir bei Früh Brauhaus rumgelungert. This word can also mean to sneak around. Der Typ hat an der Häuserecke rumgelungert.
  • lecker: delicious. This is of course the most commonly used word to describe that the food is tasty.
  • satt: full. Ich bin satt.

About germanforrunway

learning german is a love and hate learning journey. The beginning is difficult and it gets maybe tougher but definitely more lyrical as I discover the colloquial language or the slangs and in german 'Umgangssprache'. german for runways is a collection of slangs that I have learnt from the germans around me and my wonderful friend, Kirsten, is the mastermind behind the blogname. german for runways is the direct and awfully wrong translation for german for advanced level.
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7 Responses to Germans love their sweets too!

  1. Stefanie Frank says:

    Ich platze = ich habe zuviel gegessen

  2. Stefanie Frank says:

    Ich bekomme einen dicken hals=ich bin wütend, ich bin ärgerlich

  3. “Schleckmus” sagen wir auch noch hier in der Schweiz….someone that likes to eat a lot of sweets and likes her lips after too…”Sweetmouse” or “Sweet tooth”
    Smile don’t we all like the sweets:-)))

  4. laylalirayna says:

    – Leckerchen = Zuckerl (austrian) = treat
    – Käse schließt den Magen = Cheese rounds off the meal. (In Germany, France, Italy and maybe other countries Cheese is the last course of a full-course meal. I know that in the UK the saying is quite the opposite: cheese gives you nightmares.)
    – Was man nicht im Kopf hat, hat man in den Füßen/ Beinen. = What you don’t have in your head you (need to) have in you feet/ legs. = If you have forgotten something you better have good feet for running back to pick it up.
    – Ordnung ist das halbe Leben = orderliness is half of life = being tidy helps to be organised .. BUT:
    – Wer ordentlich ist, ist nur zu faul zu suchen. = Who is tidy, is just too lazy to look for it. And chaos keeps your brain at sway too *G* as this saying states: Nur das Genie beherrscht das Chaos. = Only the genius controls the chaos.

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