German is sometimes like english

Das Restaurant Tayyabs war so rappelvoll, dass die Leute draussen Schlange gestanden haben.

Leo is like the best friend of any english-speaking soul who’s learning german. It’s so handy that I use it every other day to unravel the meaning of the new german words I come across while reading the news, my textbooks or a german novel. Today I was looking for the translation of the word, “packed”, and I ‘leo-ed’ it. A huge list of words sprouted out immediately and there was “rappelvoll“, which means “jam-packed” or “wie die Ölsardinen“, for “like the sardines” and “wie Sardinen in der Büchse” that’s similar to what we say in English, “packed like Sardines in a tin”. For example with this picture, I would describe it as “Das Restaurant Tayyabs war so rappelvoll, dass die Leute draussen gestanden haben.” – meaning “The restaurant was so full that the guests have to stand in a queue outside the restaurant.”

Learning German is sometimes a fun and endearing process because you discover the similarities between German and English. Sometimes if you’re not sure of the German word for something you have in mind, one might not get too wrong with a direct English translation word. I have just one tip for this though. Don’t be ridiculed for translating “butterfly” directly because it’s not “butter-fliege” in German. “Butterfly” is “Schmetterling” in German. My husband has already laughed his heads off when he heard that out of my mouth the first time. So you have been warned 🙂


About germanforrunway

learning german is a love and hate learning journey. The beginning is difficult and it gets maybe tougher but definitely more lyrical as I discover the colloquial language or the slangs and in german 'Umgangssprache'. german for runways is a collection of slangs that I have learnt from the germans around me and my wonderful friend, Kirsten, is the mastermind behind the blogname. german for runways is the direct and awfully wrong translation for german for advanced level.
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